Haruka Christine Has Never Had A Boyfriend


Haruka Christine Has Never Had A Boyfriend


Haruka Christine from Switzerland is becoming popular with her cute appearance and jokes in German. She revealed on TV that she has never had a boyfriend before.

Some of you may have seen Haruka Christine on TV since this spring. Her blond plaited hair and Swiss outfits makes her look a typical Swiss girl, and she suddenly performs the joke of Xabungle, 'Kacchi-kachi yazo!' in German.

Haruka Christine appeared in 'Zokan! Takajin no Sokomade itte iinnkai' on Junw 28. Tetsuya Miyazaki commented that she looks like Masami Nagasawa when she smiles. Takajin Yashiki and others thought it was a too much flattering, but soon they agreed to Miyazaki's observation. Christine seemed happy to be referred to the beautiful actress. When she was asked whether she often gets flirted by men, she said she has 'never had a boyfriend in 19 years'. Others were suspicious about her confession but Christine said that 'Swiss guys are kind of scary...'.

Haruka Christine is now 19 years old, born in Zurich, Switzerland. Her mother is Swiss and father is Japanese. She was always interested in Japan as a child, and she was enrolled Sophia University two years ago. She is currently in Hori-Pro and works as a TV talent. What bugs her right now is her name rather than the fact that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Her name is Christine Haruka, but she often gets mistaken and called 'Haruka Christina', or 'Haruna Christine'. She once thought about changing her name to 'Haruka Sato' as her real last name is Sato. However, others thought it had no impact at all hence the change did not happen. It can't be helped since she just started to appear on media, but she will surely be acknowledged as 'Haruka Christine' very soon.


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